Monday, July 30, 2012

Work Investment: Classic Black Pumps

When entering into the corporate world, building an adult work appropriate wardrobe can be quite daunting. Wearing your clubbing shirts with a tank underneath and a cardigan over top (we've ALL done it) may pass for student internships and co-op jobs, but is definitely not professional enough when starting your career.

It's hard to know which items of clothing are worth the splurge and which items can be bought cheaper until you've make a dent in your student debt. Over the next few Mondays, I'll be going through items of clothing that are worth the investment!

First off, the classic black pump. A good pair of classic black shoes are a must. They go with everything else in your closet, add a sophistication to your outfit and can still incorporate your style and personality. Also, if taken care of, one pair can last years and years. Just ensure that these aren't the same pumps that are getting trampled and spilled on as part of your clubbing outfit!

1. The Classic

Christian Louboutin's shoes are always timeless and sexy but still extremely well constructed. The red soles also ensure that they're not just your run of the mill black shoe!
Christian Louboutin Decollete $625

2. The Patent Option

The shape of these shoes are classic but the patent leather give them some interest and umph while still being versatile.
Jimmy Choo Vikki $575

 3. The Low Rider

If your job involves being on your feet all day then maybe you want to avoid sky high heels for the sake of your soles and knees. Without having to venture in the world of kitten heels, you can get these Miu Mius with a thicker low heel with a surprise (tasteful!) glitter underside.
Miu Miu Glitter-sole suede pumps $595

4. Pointy Toe

If you're not into the whole rounded toe look, you can always opt for the pointed design. I love how these Jimmy Choo shoes are suede with a shiny painted heel for some contrast.

Jimmy Choo Agnes $525
5. The Non-Pump

For the heel-adverse, these Gucci loafers are the way to go. The patent, buckle and men-wear inspiration will set you apart from the boring ballerina flat.

Gucci Horsebit-detail $575

all images and prices via net-a-porter

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Girl Azealia Does it Again

I've been riding the Azealia Banks bandwagon ever since my last room mate introduced me to her. We spent the majority of that year playing 212 on repeat, and in April I even had the chance of seeing her at Coachella! Let me tell you, this girl is as badass live as she is in her videos.

To no one's surprise, she's been getting crazy popular and it was just announced that she's also the new face for T by Alexander Wang! Which literally means a new rad video to add to the collection.

For those of you who haven't heard her single after 212, Licorice - here ya go:

Videos are from and youtube, anyone know how to make them larger?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sale Temptations

Getting ssense's "further reductions on sale items" email this morning was extremely tempting, but since I'm trying to live a bit thrifty for the rest of the summer, I told myself I wouldn't look.

I made it to 3:15pm.

Check out these beauts...

 $220 here, don't buy my size... unless it's a gift for me :)

Images via ssense.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good Listens: Hey you, summer's here.

I recently discovered a new slow summer jam. Tyler, the Creator and Toro y Moi have teamed up to create this unfinished track featuring Tyler's attenion-grabbing voice laced over chillwave and light electronic synth. Holy yonkers, I love this new direction.

According to Toro y Moi's twitter account, "well, 'hey you' leaked months ago, but stayed tune for the studio version."
Oh, we're waiting Chazwick. 

Check out Hey You below or on the Odd Future tumblr page.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Beach Babe

I'm going on vacation in August and was looking for a rad bathing suit. Not plain, not sexy, but rad. I went to a boutique in Toronto called Narwal and they introduced me to Mara Hoffman. What the effff was I doing before? Buying boring J. Crew - that's what.

C-C-Check these pieces out..

$235 on Net-a-Porter

$220 on Net-a-porter

a solid bathing suit I could get down with - on sale at Matches

Walking Graffiti - $91 from the Outnet

Coolest of them all - $216 from Bonadrag

Find all the styles on the Mara Hoffman website!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ugly Camera Bags

I finally took the plunge and bought myself a fancy (entry-level) DSLR! After weeks of research, I settled on the Nikon D3200. I found the best price at Downtown Camera and purchased it during my lunch break! But I'm not here to take specs, I'm here to talk camera swag..

My Baby (image via gizmodo)
As I was at the cash register, trying not to faint thinking about how much cash money I was dropping on this single purchase, the sales person kept asking me about SD cards, filters, screen protectors, bags, lens, etc etc etc. I just shook my head, put a death grip on my credit card and ran out of the store.

It wasn't until I got back to work and put away my credit card that I realized I needed an SD card -since it didn't come with one, but more importantly I needed a camera bag! I didn't want to drop my breakfast/lunch/dinner on my new camera or accidentally drop it in the sink, so I decided to keep it in the box until I bought one. I also re-contemplated ever having a real baby.

As I started looking at camera bags, I first got realllllllllly excited because this was an excuse to buy a new bag, but then I got reallllllly sad because generally camera bags are really ugly. 
Case and Point: My friend's nylon  Lowepro camera bag
After some gruelling research (just another day at the office), I found some acceptable choices AND as an extremely nice person I decided to share them with everyone so we rid the world of ugly camera bags!

This bag is still made out of nylon to break wind, but Acme made has discovered how to dye it in semi-ugly colours. For $50 - Acceptable.
Acme Made - Stella Bag
Bag #2: *emera Classic Canvas Bag
I'm excited we're not using nylon any more! but kind of looks like a diaper bag with seatbelt straps. Although, the charcoal colour is nice and waterproof and it's an affordable $79. Also Acceptable.
*emera Classic Canvas

Bag #3: Fogg brand for Leica cameras.
These bags are made out of leather and canvas and have a rich feel (so I imagine) but are made for the crazy expensive Leica cameras (think $20,000 and up, kids). This is the bag Kanye would have. Looking at these bags did open my mind to the idea of leather camera bags though...

Fogg - hella expensive
Bag #4: The Ona Bowery Bag
An okay $120 bag with a strap, but the straps come off and it becomes an insert to put in a bag you already own! How bomb would it look in a satchel?! a leather satchel?!?! oh wait...
Ona - The Bowery
Bag #5: The Ona Brooklyn Bag
Get out of my brain, Ona!

Ona - The Brooklyn bag
The Brooklyn bag is about $300 and can be found on the Ona website. Its extremely pretty (technical term) and needs to be bought in all the colours available!

I'll be waiting a bit to buy mine so I can recover from the cost of the camera ..and I just couldn't wait for it to ship.. so instead, for the meantime, I spent $30 and bought:

don't judge me

Images from Lowepro, Acme Made, *emera, Fogg and Ona.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Listens: Monday night chill

After a weekend filled with sun and good food, I find spending a relaxing Monday evening listening to good is soothing for the soul.

The XX have always been a favourite of mine. I find Romy Madley's voice emotional and entrancing. The strong bass tones used in their songs always illicit a good head bob.

Angels, the first track off their new album has been released on their website. It's worth the listen, especially when winding down from a long day.

Let us know if you have any other recommendations for a relaxing Monday night!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lots of Barque and bite

Barque Smokehouse is a gem in West Toronto. It is a restaurant that opened less than a year and a half ago and has had a steady stream of regular customers. Beyond the beautiful interior and knowledgeable and attentive staff, is the genuine commitment to the craft of a smokehouse.

According to the website, the concept of the name can be summarized as, "Reflective of the wood used to smoke, the outer layer of bbq’d meat and a play on the wood Barbeque. Barque."

Now, on to the good stuff!
Firstly, the restaurant takes reservations. On a side note, why is this such an irregularity in Toronto? However, we were lucky to grab a cushy seat inside as a walk-in. Popcorn flavoured with the in-house, ten+ spice dressing awaited us as we ponder the menu.

Table munchies and Barque bbq sauces

We decided on the Sampler for Two as it was our first time. We had the choice of 3 meats and 3 sides. Upon deliberation with our knowledgeable server and our gluttonous selves, we chose the brisket, chicken thighs, baby back ribs, cuban corn, spinach spaetzle and mixed veggies of the day.

Holy toledo, is there a ton of flavour! The meat is extremely tender and melt in your mouth. The caramelization on the chicken thighs were fantastic. The brisket is an absolute must try! Rest assured, you will leave the restaurant full and very happy. We would have ordered appetizers and desserts if we could fit in somewhere.

Another wonderful thing about Barque is the special menus they have for larger groups or families. I can't wait to try their Sunday dinner. This family style meal includes large platters for serving, and changes every week. Sharing is caring!

Taster for two

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Workwear Inspiration

Who says summer dressing for the office has to be boring? Men's inspired workwear with a punch of colour, polka dots, floral AND a tie clip.
photo via Tommy Ton for
 This photo makes me want to run out and buy a floral blazer A$AP, I'm already dreaming of everything I can pair it with!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reincarnated Floral Maxi

I was having some Dim Sum withdrawals from my travels in Hong Kong so we decided to go to Kowloon in Balwin Village for brunch. I always end up ordering too much with Dim Sum, so instead of fighting it, I wore a loose denim tank and an elastic-waisted maxi skirt for extendability. 

The skirt used to be a maxi dress that landed into my donation pile, however, a friend suggested I cut above the bust elastic to transform it into a skirt. I made her do it for me, and the result turned out to be wonderful and my old dress got a new life!


My forehead is going to be full of wrinkles when I'm older, I think I might just need better sunglasses?

Wearing a DIY maxi skirt (similar here), American Apparel denim top (here) , Club Monaco necklaces (I like this one too), TopShop sandals, Joe Fresh sunglasses, Roots bag.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dinner Dress Up

I went out for dinner Saturday night in a loose silk tank and similarly patterned skirt for an easy put together look. It was definitely too humid to try any harder than this. The thought of straight hair, multiple layers and sleeves seemed like way too much effort, even a necklace felt like it was going to weigh me down.

I bought these Lanvin flats a while ago and, now that they're somewhat broken in, they're my most comfortable pair of shoes! I wear flats a lot, and find I go through pairs fairly quickly as they get worn out and full of holes but I'm hoping these will stand the test of time.

We're in the lower lobby of our condo building hoping no one catches us taking these pictures, I always feel so weird and embarrassed taking pictures with people around! and yes, the colours of our building are black and lime green with a few splashes of blue. Who came up with that colour scheme?

Can't wait for dinner so started on my hair

Wearing a Club Monaco tank, Michael Kors skirt, a clutch I stole from my mom and Lanvin flats (similar here).

Friday, July 6, 2012

A - Maizal -ing

Last weekend, a friend and I spent a day frolicking around my hood, Liberty Village, and were excited when we came across this new restaurant called Maizal. Since we're both big time Mexican food fans, we were looking forward to adding a new place on our short list of Mexican restaurants in the city.

The owner told us how he spent his teen years in Mexico learning how to cook, and when he came back to Canada he hard time finding authentic Mexican food for a reasonable price. He met his business partner and they gave birth to Maizal. They've only been open for a few weeks and are having their grand opening this weekend!

The place is comfy and cozy and their biggest selling point is that they make fresh corn tortillas every morning from scratch.

The Poblano Pepper and the Beef Ting were recommended to us so we got both, with a side of guac.

The guac was fresh and flavourful but the chips were phenomenal and definitely stole the show. The taste of the corn is really pronounced and really changes the overall flavour of a regular chips+dip appetizer. It made us really excited for the quesadillas!

Poblano Pepper
I generally caste my beans aside as they're usually pretty bland or fatty, but these were actually really good and didn't hurt my stomach. A win-win situation for me and the beans!

Since they had a busy morning, they had to make a second batch of the ground corn, so we were lucky enough to catch the owner in action...


I would definitely recommend this place to all the Mexican food lovers in Toronto, I don't think I can eat bland grey tortillas ever again. 

They'll soon be getting a liquor licence and will be staying open past their current close time of 7pm. I cannnot wait to hang out on their patio during the summer evenings.

Check them out here or follow them on twitter or just go visit them at 133 Jefferson Ave between 11-7pm during the week or 10-2pm on weekends for brunch.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Too Hot for 3/4

Why would I wear a 3/4 length shirt in the blazing heat, you ask? Because my striped tank was in the wash and I had this striped+denim outfit envisioned in my head so I had to do it- it's like when a song gets stuck in your brain and you have to sing it at the top of your lungs, until your friends tell you that you've ruined the song for them forever. 

Hopefully, I haven't ruined stripes and denim for you guys...

These are all taken in Liberty Village. I'm waiting for the Yoghurty's to open beside West Elm so I can stop pretending I'm on a diet.

My top is from Club Monaco, shorts are levis (on sale here), belt is wilfred, sandals are TopShop, sunglasses are Burberry and bag is Roots.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh my Cod!

 I have been extremely excited to try Paulette's Original Donuts and Chicken. So, a sunny day called for a trip to Leslieville and some chicky chicky fry fry. Paulette's promises delicious fresh donuts and fried chicken. The restaurant is mainly a take-out restaurant with vintage touches and an amazing scent when you walk in. The restaurant's closing time is 7pm or until it sells out. Unfortunately, it was completely sold out of donuts and fried chicken when we arrived.
I was still craving something battered and deep fried, when I spotted Reliable Fish and Chips down the street, across from the Leslieville Pumps. 
We each ordered one piece of fish with our fresh-cut fries, and each order was under $10. I decided to try the mahi-mahi as I have never had it deep fried before. The fries were delicious and I found the fish batter light, crispy and non-greasy. After receiving our orders, I was so happy that I only ordered one piece of fish, as the portions are generous. The service was sweet and during our visit, quite a number of locals came into the restaurant to order take out. We left the restaurant stuffed with some change in our pocket for dessert at Ed's Real Scoop.

After arriving at Ed's, I was too focused on the waffle cone smell and the array of flavours to take any good photos! All in all, it was a lovely day in Leslieville. Do you have any other favourite Leslieville haunts?

The mahi-mahi
Haddock? Shore is. 
The delicious options at Ed's

Digging into blood orange gelato. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Burger's Priest

I know I'm late to the party, but burgers as delicious as these deserve their own post!

We went to the Queen E location of Burger's Priest on the way back from the beach and it was super packed. Luckily they have the burger game down to a science (a religion even) and were serving up burgers quick, right before you had a chance to feel claustrophobic in their tiny store front.

I got the "Priest Burger" which is a cheeseburger topped with the veggie option - a portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese then breaded and fried. It was delicious and the beef was insanely fresh, but lactose intolerant people should think twice before eating this one, even my stomach hurt after consuming all this melted cheddar cheese. 

The burgers look small but it's definitely deceiving, they'll fill you up for hours on end. I hope they open up shop in the west end!